Tank Asset Production


This is my Kpfw VI Tiger Tank. In this Blog, I will be talking about the step by step process of how I created this tank. I will be showing screenshots of the Asset Production.

Pre- production & Blocking

I first started looking for a Tank that I would be using for this Assesment, Rashed recommended that we should get our Blueprints at the-blueprints.com, he told us that this is where we will be finding good Blueprints. There were so many to choose from the WWII section of German Tanks, It took me quite a while to choose the one that I really liked until I found this Blueprint. The look of the Tank itself amazed me.

I started off by placing the Blueprints at each side, left, top, and front views. then I started shaping the tank from the blueprint.

2017-04-23 (2)

As you can see, the cannon was a bit long and did not fit the blueprint itself, that’s why I had to make a way to see it as well. I made another plane for it and placed it beside the left view so I could model it.

Modeling the tank was not too hard for me, although I kind of struggled with the wheels, but was able to find my way around it.

2017-04-23 (3)

After making the basic shapes of the body, I moved on to detailing, At this point, I was OCDing on the details and wanted it to be perfect, little did I know that It was going to be a headache in Unwrapping and Texturing. But that did not stop me in completing my Tank.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took me 3 days, to finally finish pre- blocking the Tank, and I was really satisfied with the outcome. After pre-blocking, I started unwrapping, but in the middle of unwrapping I forgot about the quads, so I had to go back from the start after finishing the model and fix my quads.


Unwrapping was basically hell for me (figuratively speaking). But I manage to pull through, It took me 2 whole days with just Unwrapping the bottom part of the tank and another Day to unwrap the top part. I also made the 3 wheels unwrapped individually and after doing that, I collapsed them and attached all the unwraps as 1, I did it this way because Rashed only wanted 2 Unwraps for this assessment. The 2nd unwrap is the platform that I made at the end.


I was doing the unwrapping at home and at school as well because at this time I only had a week left until the submission. I stayed up at school from 10 am to 9 pm. I was really stressed and tired but the only thing that was going through my mind was that it was my fault for being late so I should man up and take responsibility in finishing this tank.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After I finished Unwrapping, I packed all the UV’s.


And then I was ready for texturing.

Texturing and Shaders


This is what I was talking about earlier, I really struggled at this point of finishing the tank, but I still did not give up, It took me another whole day to finish placing the textures, and I could say it all paid off at the end.


This was my texture test, after seeing this, it helped me get motivated more on finishing the tank. And thankfully I did not get any problems while I was texturing. After my texturing was done, I also added the Bump maps, then I was almost ready to render.



Placing the key light, fill light, and the backlight was an easy thing to do now for me, to be honest, this is one of my favorite parts of making the tank, including placing the camera and animation as well, It just felt like I was making a movie. Just like back then with the chest, I set the key light’s multiplier to 1.0, fill light to 0.4, and the rim/ back light to 0.8.



After placing the lights and camera, I moved on to rendering, I set it on PAL, Start time to 0 and end time to 250, and put it on Projection Rendering Mode, clicked Active Time Segment, made Output Size to HDTV (video), Width to 1920 and Height to 1080 then I started rendering.



After rendering, I started editing the video in Adobe Premiere, I placed the audio file, and the Introduction shot of my video applied fade into the intro, then I was finished.

Here is my short animated sequence of my KPFW VI Tiger Tank:


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