3D Production Pipeline of My Pirate Treasure Chest

 Pre- production, and Blocking

Chest Design


I made 3 kinds of chests for Rashed to choose, and this was the design he liked and wanted me to work on. It’s unique because of its shape and I was actually happy that he chose this because its actually my favorite from the three designs that I made.

Story Board



This was the first sketch of my Storyboard, It was simple and easy to animate it, but when I reached applying the assets while making my 3D Pipeline for the Treasure Chest, I decided to add more assets like the palm trees, I placed more of them behind the chest, because I wanted the environment to really look realistic as much as possible, and I added more grass as well, also the crabs, shells, and put more effort into the animation sequence. I was really happy with the outcome my Treasure Chest.



For Pre-Blocking, I started off with a simple Standard primitive, the Box, then I converted it to an editable poly and started molding it using vertex, polygon, border, and edge.


Next, I started working on the keyhole, It was pretty easy, I just started again with a box, converted it again into an editable poly, molded the edges with chamfer, inset the inside of the molded box, then from there on I made the keyhole and extruded it to show its volume.


Pivot alignment.png

After blocking, I detached the top part of the chest and bottom part and edited the pivot point and placed it to where it would rotate to make the chest open at the right angle for the animation.

UV Mapping

UVW MAP 2.pngUVW MAP.png

Next stage is UV Mapping, It was a little complicated for me at first, but I got it at the end.



After UVMapping, I started Unwrapping, separating what is wood and what is steel on my treasure chest.


Once I separated the wood and steel outside, I placed them all back inside the box for the textures to be applied when placed, they won’t get textured if they are not inside the box.


After placing them all in the box, I saved the UVW map as a Targa file and opened it in Photoshop to apply the textures.


From afar it looks messed up but Rashed told us when this happens, It’s just too far away, don’t panic just zoom in and we’ll see it fixed,UVWmap2.png

After saving it as a Targa file, I opened Adobe Photoshop and applied the textures.


Texturing and Shaders

For the Texturing and Shading, once I finished applying the textures in Photoshop, I went back to 3Ds Max and clicked “m” on the keyboard for the Material Editor, once the material editor showed, I placed the Bump, Specular level, and Diffuse on the hollow spheres in the Material Editor.

Textured finish.png



Once the texturing and shading was done, I started placing the Assets. I really had fun placing the assets at where they are now, I love how the scenery looks realistic because of this it motivated me to apply more detail, like the grass, they  all have 3 different shades which were dark, normal and light shadings, I chose carefully where to place the dark and normal colored grass to make the environment look more realistic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


ANimation dONE.png

I applied so much more extra animation, unlike the storyboard that I made had such few animations. I realized how much fun it is to animate, it got me pumped up to apply more for my production.


It was a fun process as well, and a great experience for me because I learned a bit more in Animating than I did back then.



Lighting Positioning.png

Positioning the lights was an interesting process, I was surprised how the key light, fill light, and rim/back light can make such a big difference to the environment. I set the key light’s multiplier to 1.0, fill light to 0.4, and the rim/ back light to 0.8.


You can see how the lights affect the shadows of the environment, I was really happy with this result.

Scene Assembly


Doing the camera work was one of the best stages for me in the 3D production pipeline of my treasure chest, I felt like I was making an actual movie with all the camera movements and scene changes, this was a relaxing process.


2017-03-17 (5)

I took me a while with rendering because of a problem I had, every time I would render, the frames were always too zoomed in, I was frustrated by this, it consumed a lot of my time for me to finish my treasure chest’s 3D Pipeline, I kept searching for the problem and I noticed that my range was actually “0 to 83” I then changed it right away to 250 hoping it would get fixed, but it did not disappointingly. At the end I just decided to close and open 3Ds Max expecting that this would fix the problem, after a couple of reboots on the application it finally worked, and I was able to render in a jiffy.

2017-03-17 (12)

This is the setup for my rendering, I followed all the information that Rashed taught us to do. It should be saved as a Targa file as well.

2017-03-17 (6)

After all the setup, I just waited for my render to finish and prepared for editing my work.

2017-03-17 (11)




Editing the video was also a fun process and easy as well, I made a title, for the first shot of the video, and also an ending shot with fade out effects, and I also applied my background music for the video, I was really glad with the result of my Treasure Chest and was really excited to see the video itself.


At the end, after all the hard work to be honest I really learned a lot, and I started loving the course I chose even more. Here is my short animated sequence of my Pirates Treasure Chest:










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